Friday, March 20, 2009

Some DungeonCrawler screenshots...

Hey all!

Thought I would put up a few DungeonCrawler screenshots...

The one on the right is entitled "A Walk Through The Shire." You can actually see a small cabin in the woods to the south east, a lovely looking place in the Old Forest.

The screenshot to the left is entitled "I think I'll wait on Dol Guldur..." Notice the creepy yellow eyes watching you through the leaves, and the spiderwebs strung between the trees! You might notice the next thing we are working on adding in a very early stage...

Hope you all enjoy!

Just so folks know, there is a lot of work being done... already we've worked in AI so monsters don't get in your way, some skill work, and an inventory dummy so you can "see" your gear on your body!

There will be more coming, of course... so please do stick around and give us
a chance!

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