Monday, March 2, 2009

"The Guest"

Howdy all,

Since I had finished this piece and was going to send it out, I thought I should post photos of the finished product!

"The Guest" is one of the few dioramas/set scenes I have done. It is roughly based on a comic that my roommate and I drew in college, about a female assassin sent to kill a Japanese business man of some sort, and having to carve through his men to get to him. Now, in the original comic the guards had guns
and there was an underling who needed killing as well... oh, and the girl had black hair... but otherwise, it is pretty close:)

The target was pretty straight forward... black suit, red tie. I did have to clip a gun out of his hand, which resulted in a bit of a large hand, and his feet in the photo look a touch large but it is unnoticeable in person. The yakuza guards were a bit more involved... the guy with the padded pants in particular got a bunch of coats of paint, and then they were dipped. I also added a bit of yellow to the skin tone to make them look a bit more Japanese, and I think it worked.

As for The Guest herself, it was tricky to get her looking deep, as black is a tough color to work with. I worked in a little blue as the highlights, and actually did about four or five layers to highlight. The face was kept pretty light, as was the hair, so it would stand out. I am most happy with her eyes... she looks like a mean lady!

The base is made from pink insulation foam... I tried to paint it to look like marble or granite, and I think I pulled it off basically.

The two yakuza samurai are from Perry; I cannot, off the top of my head, remember where the girl and business man are from, but let me look, because the maker was kind enough to send me the single figure out of a pack, which is quite nice!

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