Tuesday, March 3, 2009

10mm Nap. British - Command

As I have done recently, after being so quiet I thought I would come through with a few posts!

Here is the command structure of my 10mm Napoleonic British army!

There is one army commander (in this case Sir Arthur Wellesley) who is mounted with two staff officers riding with him. The Duke of Wellington is pretty easy to pick out, what with his blue being rather unique among the British red. You can tell this is the army command by the fact that the stand has three mounted figures on it.

The second stand in the command is a junior commander; in this case, Sir Thomas Picton, as is made clear by his choice of hat! This fellow (who met his end at Waterloo) was well known for being... well, shall we say dressed improperly for an officer, and his hat was a bit of an icon (albeit not at the level of Napoleon's bicorn!) Picton here is accompanied by a staff officer, which marks this stand as between army command and brigade command.

The third stand is another junior commander. This one is not as obvious as Wellington or Picton... maybe it is Uxbridge, or Hill? Really it can stand in for anyone. As with Picton there is one staff officer on the stand with him, indicating that this stand again represents a commander someplace between army command and brigade command!

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