Thursday, March 19, 2009

Download DungeonCrawler for FREE!

Hello all!

Whelp, my friend and I have finally released the first public version of DungeonCrawler!

This hack'n'slash dungeon crawl game harkens back to the good old days of gaming and to the simple addictive games like NetHack, where we all spent hours building up a badass character, and rejoiced at finding a +3 mace or a Book of Smouldering Grasp, all with the added bonus of being set in Middle Earth!

So... adventure through Fangorn forest, hack the enemy down in Osgiliath, visit the dwarves in the Iron Hills, or even hunt down the Balrog in Moria... come download version 1 of Dungeoncrawler for free!

The forum for DungeonCrawler, which includes links for download, a game guide, and the rest, is found here:

This is a very early alpha, and ALL suggestions, recommendations, comments, and bug reports are VERY welcome.

Thanks so much all, and good luck slaughtering the orcs of Mordor and spiders of Mirkwood... or, if you wish to serve the Eye, hobbit gardeners and the elves of Rivendell!

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