Friday, March 6, 2009

Just a pair of random photos

Well, I spent a little while on the 10mm Napoleonic set-up... I am very pleased with the way the terrain is set-up, generally speaking, but am having a hard time doing any sorts of revisions to the current table! I moved the British Allied flank to the right, and the British flank to the left. Generally I withdrew the French attack a bit, showing it early in the battle, as the legere just starts to make contact with the first rifles.

The shot above is of the Allied flank, preparing for the French assault. You can actually see the flank commander just behind the small brown barn near the trees, dictating orders to a staff officer. There is a smattering of artillery on the ridge behind the Allied position to provide support, as well as a pair of small Brunswick pieces among their lines to flay the attacking French columns with cannister!

The bottom photo is the French assault, formed into column and ready to roll across the field! The commander waves on his men with his hat an officer signals the advance with his sabre. There are maybe more Allied troops than Frenchmen, but the French attack is screened by clouds of capable skirmishers and heavily supported by artillery (not visible in the photo.) And, of course, it is a French attack... it is hard to stop the French columns, driven on by the drums, at ANY time, and these are not the disciplined redcoats facing them this time!

If you have any suggestions or things you think would make the current table look better, or if there is some sort of specific thing you want to see, please just let me know!

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