Saturday, March 14, 2009

15mm ACW - Federal Artillery

Time to get back to the 15mm ACW roots!

Here are two pieces of Federal artillery. A few of the men have stripped down to their shirtsleeves... artillery work is hot and unforgiving! I made sure to leave the shirts and men pretty dirty looking, as artillery work is also very messy, and I want these guys to look pretty grimy. Unfortunately Battle Honors only has one set of officers so the commanders of each gun are of the same mold as my infantry officers, but they look good nonetheless.

Figures by Battle Honors.


jmezz382 said...

Hard believe they are 15mm .... what setup do you use for the photo shoot. It came out excellent.


Author said...


Okay, I should take some shots of my photo setup sometime in the near future:)

I use my painting lamp to bring light right onto the photo target. I put white foamcore behind them and under them. I set the white balance to... well... pretty high I think? Then, whammo, photo!:) When I bring the photos onto my PC they are usually very yellow for some reason, but there is an insta-fix option in my photo program that gets them back to their real colors... and that is it! I'll take a photo or two of my setup in the near future... but I can say this, taking a decent photo is DAMNED hard:( I am so jealous of the guys who take really great photos.

Anyway... thanks for the compliments, and for stopping by!:)