Saturday, March 14, 2009

Another set of 10mm Napoleonic photos

Howdy all!

Well, the poll on the blog says that people enjoy table shots, so I figured I would take a few more of the current set-up.

At the top, obviously is a shot of The Man himself. I haven't yet done a Unit Showcase (TM) on the French command, but I will at some point. Until that point, I hope this shot is satisfying enough!

But let's face it, the fun photos are the big mess ones!

I have two attack photos here, both of the French attacking. In the first (taken from the British left flank of the current set up) the skirmishers have just come into contact with each other... the infantry has yet to make it into musket range. You can see behind the attacking French columns that the Guard await their turn...

On the other side is the second attack on the British right flank, or more accurately on the British allies, in this case the Brunswickers. The first French attack collapsed and broke; you can see the regiments in the background in panicked disarray... however, a second wave is pressing home... will they manage to break the British line?

The final shot is of the chateau, where the Old Guard have swarmed the walls of the orchard and are now trying to push the redcoats out the back side. However, the British have brought up a lot of infantry, and it will be a difficult fight for the Old Guard to win! If they do, the British line is split in two!

So... if there are more specific shots people want to see, just let me know and I can set something up!

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