Tuesday, March 3, 2009

15mm ACW - Federal Infantry 4

My entire 15mm ACW Confederate force has been up on this site for a long time, so it is about time that I get cracking on the rest of my 15mm Federal Force!

Here is another unit of Federal infantry. These guys, like most of my federal infantry, wear the dark blue/light blue combo, and the majority of the men wear kepis... I have very few floppy hats or Hardees in the army. These guys have also been in some serious combat, as you can tell by the dead men scattered liberally among the stands. Of course, the majority of my Civil War forces are interchangeable so I guess I could spread the casualties out, but who would want to do that?!

Figures courtesy of Battle Honors!


jmezz382 said...

Excellent painting ! Is the unit a general Union force or are you gearing it up towards a specific unit ?


Author said...


Just a general unit force... for the most part, my 15mm ACW forces are all generic... you can mix and match stands as much as you want. There are some exceptions (for example, Zouaves or guys with Hardee hats) but otherwise it is just a mess of blue!:) The nice thing is you don't have to keep them too organized and you can make units as big as you wish!

Thanks for coming by!