Sunday, March 8, 2009

The French attack is launched!

Well, I plan to change up the 10mm Napoleonic table sometime in the near future, so I thought I would continue moving around the troops into what I think logically would happen!

The French attack on the left pressed forward towards the British Allies, deciding this would be the more vulnerable flank... better this side than the other, uphill, against disciplined British troops! At the same time the Old Guard attack the chateau, attempting to take it and thus split the British army in half. The French are not pausing to exchange fire, but rather are trusting in the columns to break through the British lines!

The British allies are holding as best they can. The Brunswickers are in good shape; solid, deep lines with some cover and even some smaller guns pouring canister into the attacking Frenchmen. From the orchards of the nearby chateau British troops lend more fire, as French light infantry try to force the British heads down. In fact, the frontmost French columns are starting to falter a bit, as some men begin to slow down and hesitate. Can the Brunswick troops hold the attack off, and the second wave of columns behind it?

On the far flank, however, the French attack looks to be more effective. The columns broke out of the woods screened by light infantry and quickly plowed towards the Saxons and Prussians. The front line opened fire, but as the French poured forward they began to hesitate, and slowly men began to step backwards. Quickly reinforcements were brought up... will they be able to hold the flank in the face of the French attack?

Meanwhile, on the right, the French continue forward, but slowly... they are hoping and waiting for the chateau to fall and hopefully the British allies as well; then they can sweep around and complete the fight! But will all go according to plans? We will see!


Gunfreak said...

Man, I love those massed shots.

PS. the lordz site is up and runnig again, and I sent you a PM

Author said...

Hey Gun!

I got it, and just saw it! Your new acquisition looks GREAT:) I'll post more at the Lordz:)