Wednesday, April 30, 2008


I do hope nobody minds, but I thought that I might add one last element to this wargaming blog, an element ANY wargamer will appreciate...

... namely, a little food!

So if I make something that is particularly tasty, or if I have a thought about food, I might put up a post now and then about it!

Above is a photo of three filets of beef (I ate the fourth one already) that I recently grilled up.

I don't do a lot to beef; the taste is important to preserve. At the moment I crush some rosmary in my mortar and pestle, a gift from my father in law. I then put it in a bowl with some coarse french sea salt, some fresh ground peppercorns, a minced clove of garlic, and a splash of balsamic vinegar. This tasty mixture gets brushed over both sides of the beef, and it sits for a few hours. Then onto the grill, and a little medium rare later and you have a fantastic dinner.


Snickering Corpses said...

I can't recall if you're in the UK or US. I suspect the UK. But you might check out for balsamic vinegar.

Already voted in the poll, but there's nothing wrong with adding a personal interest entry now and then. Food is an interest most all of us can understand.

Author said...


I am in the US, northern New Jersey at the moment... however, I'll still give that site a look:)

I figured most wargamers enjoy food, so maybe the occassional food post won't offend anyone... hope you enjoyed:)

Anonymous said...

Absolutely ... gamers love food. Ask yourself this ... when was the last time you saw a game and there WAS NO FOOD there? Never, I'll bet you. Go ahead and post, especially what is provided at eclectic events. I'm working on getting our group to leave the pedestrian and weighty chips and dip for some fresh veges and fruit cuts. Much better, less stick and greasy.

Next time you grill a steak, try this. Put a raw green chile, uncut and whole, on top of the steak. As you cook and flip the steak, keep the chile on top. Discard the chile after you're done, unless someone there loves hot green chile. What you'll end up with is the flavor of roasted green chile, and none of the heat. Incredible. Might have to do that tonight!

Great site, keep up the excellent work.

Kevin in Albuquerque