Friday, April 11, 2008

The Table

I figured the addition of the wheat fields and some more fences called for some new shots of the 15mm ACW table!

So far it looks pretty good. I will add some more fields shortly, and need to make some new fences; I am a bit short, it seems. I would love to get a wheat field front and center in the set-up, but at the moment the fields A) look cool as they are and B) are very irregular shaped, so I don't want to cut a custom piece of fur for them!
Above is a slightly older shot, without the new picket fence and one or two things moved around. I am also thinking I simply don't have enough troops for this table, and am thinking I need to pump out a few quick 15mm ACW units. The collections I have are decent sized but honestly are getting a little lost on the table.

Below is a reverse angle shot from the normal shot, where you can see some things more clearly that you don't normally see.


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Brad said...

Just noted your comment that it was made for 15mm - I thought it a tad small for 25/28mm (still a beautiful table though). If the sides are a solid box, perhaps the only way to get a longer/wider table is to built a two-part board with bracing under that will sit on top of the existing sides, which would act as a base frame. 20mm MDF board with a couple of catches under to hold it together (in addition to bracing on the bottom that would slot inside the existing table sides) should do the trick. All you'll have to do next is extend the room - piece of cake! Seriously, the table is a fine piece of work and looks very well made.