Wednesday, April 16, 2008

25mm Nap French - 32e Ligne

It has been awhile since I put up a unit for inspection, so I thought I would remedy that with another unit of 25mm Napoleonic French!

This time it is the third of my regular units of line infantry. This was the latest unit of ligne that I had painted for the French. The pom poms are a bit more correct than the rest of the force. Also, I wanted them to be a little different, so if you notice they are all in their proper uniforms; no coats! I wanted to represent a unit that had only recently reached the field and were still thinking of things like "looking nice." Ahh, that won't last long.

I particularly like their officer. He is a snappy looking fellow, although with a
wicked stare and an equally wicked sabre. The NCO with the flag is also pretty cool; the red is a VERY deep color and I am rather happy with it.

The whole unit with the exception (as always) of the sappeur is Perry.

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Echoes Of Glory said...

Wow these are great. Shame about the unpainted flag pole ;)