Tuesday, April 22, 2008

25mm Nap. French - 25e Legere

While I realize I put up an update rather recently, I thought I would continue today with another new regiment from my 25mm French Napoleonic army; my second unit of light infantry!

Like my other unit of light infantry, this unit can be put into one of two movement trays; in this case again I chose to showcase them in their skirmish trays, rather than their unit tray.

A note about all of my light infantry in my Napoleonic collections. The skirmish trays are actually exactly the width of a regular unit of infantry. This is true of my French, my Russians, and will be the same for my Austrians. The idea is that a single tray of light infantry can successfully screen a single tray of regular infantry. I like this regularity!

The first two trays worth of lights are the officers and a tray of men defending a stone wall. I have a similar tray in my other unit of light infantry, and I like being able to link the two up to form a single wall. This particular wall is crumbling in a spot, and the men are starting to rush through the gap to advance!

The second set of light infantry are similar. One is a blank tray; originally I was going to have a dead Frenchman on the tray, but I found after I had painted him that I liked him better with the surgeon; a good surgeon and hospital needs a generous smattering of dead and dying men! The second tray actually has a sacrificed left-over piece of a second surgeons wagon... no one needs TWO surgeons in an army this size, and I wanted to use the piece. It is painted the same color as my French artillery and other wagons, and I enjoy having this tray of lights near the artillery; it gives the feeling of men advancing over a devastated part of the field.

To the right is a close-up of a few figures. I very much enjoy the Perry figures and wish I had Perry commands for these guys, but the Old Glory guys work fine.

The majority of the light infantry is from Perry Miniatures, with the officer, standard, and musician from Old Glory and the sappeur, like always, from Front Rank... nice beefy sappeurs!

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