Friday, April 18, 2008

The Workbench

Having finished the Russian cuirassiers, tonight I took a few minutes to savor having a week off from work and decided to add to the 15mm ACW collection by completing a unit of Federal zouaves to put on the table. 20 man strong units of 15mm all wearing a single color positively FLY when you are used to doing units of 32 25mm troops. Phew! They will hopefully get based and grassed tomorrow and be on the table by tomorrow night.

Next up you can see two projects; to the right of the Federal infantry you can see the beginnings of a lumber pile to make more snakerail fences; I made some last night and decided I need more. And in the background you can see the next painting project; the 3 limbers and a supply wagon to go with my already completed 25mm Russian artillery.

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