Wednesday, April 9, 2008

Scenery - some new 15mm fences

As a break from painting 25mm cuirassiers (I did pretty well on them, getting closer to done every day!) and in anticipation of my teddy bear fur showing up (just in time for the teddy bear picnic... right in The Wheat Field!) I thought I would work on a few new fences for my 15mm ACW collection.

I already have a pretty generous amount of snakerail fences, and I just made up some stone walls, so I figured a
different, more standard fence type might be nice. So far this is all I have made. There is a pin in each length of fence so that it can attach to the table. However, do I paint them white? Or do I paint them grey? The shot at the top shows a few in grey. I am honestly not sure yet... input welcome!

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