Thursday, April 17, 2008

25mm Nap Russian - Cuirassiers

I recently finished another unit of Russians, and thought I would cheat a little and give a single preview of the next Napoleonic army to be featured; my 25mm Napoleonic Russians! I know it will be awhile (the 15mm ACW Confederate army is up next, and I still have cavalry, artillery, light infantry, and line infantry left for the French...) but I couldn't resist.

This particular unit is a unit of fearsome cuirassiers. This heavy cavalry, armored and mounted on the largest horses, was the shock cavalry of the Russian army. They were feared on the battlefield by infantry and cavalry alike, and able to run straight over most targets... as long as those targets weren't infantry squares!

The troops in this unit are rather nice looking, with their green and white and armor, with red piping making the armor stand out a bit. Their commander is a severe looking fellow with a nasty stare. The musician, whose trumpet is wrapped in a white and unit-appropriate green cord, rides at his side.

This entire unit is 25mm Foundry.

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