Wednesday, April 30, 2008

The Workbench

Sorry for the delay in updates! I will try to get a few up in the next few days.

First tho, a shot of the current workbench project. This is my overall Russian general. He is still WIP, but starting to come along. He is meant to mirror my French general, pictured to the right, and is based in basically the same way, with the overall General at the front and his two adjuncts lined up behind him. Instead of a manservant, like the French general, he has a Cossack bodyguard marching beside him. Also, I decided to add a nice big shaggy dog to his stand, maybe captured from a French officer. The dog is a briard, a nice big sheepdog that looks good on the stand with him.

Obviously this is only a WIP shot, as all Workbench shots are; when I feature the Russian army I'll show him up close.

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