Friday, April 11, 2008

Scenery - 15mm wheat fields

The teddy bear fur has arrived! I got two different types; so far, I have cut up one into a few fields to see how they would work on the table. They seem good (although a little messy; they lose fur quick it seems...) I wouldn't use these same for 25mm; they just aren't thick enough. But I bought these primarily for my 15mm figures, and they do seem perfect for it. I want to try to cut it in geometric shapes that match the lengths of my fences... I did break the rule with the above field, but I plan to cut it into squares and triangles that can be combined depending on the set-up. There won't be many irregular fields... I just don't want to sacrifice the fur!

BTW, I got the fur here .

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The Terrain Czar said...

These look great! I was wondering what type and color you went with for your fields?

The link that you provided (thank you for that) have so so many choices it can be overwhelming.

Thanks again,