Sunday, May 4, 2008

25mm Nap. French - 43e Ligne

And so we come to the last unit of infantry, and the second to last unit overall, of my 25mm Napoleonic French Collection!

This unit of line is similar to the others in my army. The men are dressed in a wide array of coats and covers and such, to try to make the unit look a little battle-worn. The standard bearer, sappeur, and two guards of the Eagle are all mounted on a single four man stand. The commander (the only regular infantry officer not in a shako) has a flintlock pistol at his side and is pointing
the way, while an NCO points out some enemy cavalry to the flank that might be of concern...

As with all my regular French line regiments, these figures are all Perry Miniatures, with the exception of the sappeur, who is Front Rank.

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