Monday, May 12, 2008

15mm ACW - Confederate Command 1

Now that I have finished my 25mm French Napoleonic force, I will be showing my 15mm ACW Confederate force!

As with the Napoleonics, I am beginning with the command stands. I based my 15mm ACW troops so that each army has two command stands; one of some commanders around a table talking strategy, and one of some mounted officers in the field. This is the CSA generals around their table. There is an older general with a white beard checking his map as a cavalry scout is reporting nearby Federal troops. Next to the older general is a colonel leaning on his sword, a dashing young Southern gent with a beard as firey as his temper! Two guards provide security, while another holds the reins of the scout, who must get back to the front as soon as he delivers his message.

All of these figures are from Battle Honors, the CSA dismounted Generals pack.

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