Saturday, May 17, 2008

15mm ACW game

It has been awhile since I played a game, so I thought that tonight I would play a quick one.

The Federal objective; march eight stands of infantry (the equivalent of two units) off the board along the road, to supply reinforcements to a nearby battle. The Confederate troops had to prevent this from happening.

This game involved two different deployments. The Confederates would begin in position and with an artillery piece and an officer already deployed, but with only a few infantry units, holding a vital portion of road. Two units deployed in the cover of fences and bushes, ready for the advancing Federals.

The Federals began not in position but with their ENTIRE infantry compliment already deployed. They would,
however, have to rely on reinforcements to provide the support troops they would need. Would the Federal officer hold up the attack to wait for artillery and cavalry and the superior officers? Or would he press forward quickly and try to take the road before more southern units could deploy?

The Federals on the road slowed their advance and began to spread their units into an attack line. Rather than press forward piecemeal, the commanding officer felt that it was worth the time to position the attack properly and with enough support. However, the Confederate artillery was merciless, pounding the Union troops as they advanced in column and chewing the most advance regiment to pieces, forcing them to cover in the buildings at the crossroads and huddle behind trees. Around them the rest of the Federal attack deployed.

Meanwhile the second Federal column advanced towards a large field, ready to cross it and head straight for the small unit of Confederates gathered around the base of a small hill. Atop the hill, a single Confederate artillery piece kept up a steady fire on the Federals on the road.

The Confederate piece kept up its fire as the Federal army advanced. Soon a Federal colonel galloped onto the field, followed by an artillery piece that made a mad dash for a nearby hilltop, hoping to lend some support to the imminent Union attack. The Federals on the road deployed into line, still taking fire from the CSA cannon on the hill, while the rest of the Confederate force waited, crouched behind their fences, a single unit of infantry in a mix of grey and butternut appearing on the road leading from the woods and double timing towards the junction, and a single regiment of dismounted cavalry doing their best to hold a very long, empty fenceline on the Confederate flank.

And finally the two sides were deployed and ready to fire...

I'll post up the second part as soon as I play it!

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