Sunday, May 25, 2008

15mm ACW - Confederate Infantry 2

Hello all!

Very sorry for the long gap in posting; a very good buddy of mine came into town, and between that and a tough week at work I had no time to work on the blog!

However, here is the latest installment of the current army; another unit of 15mm American Civil War confederates!

Like the last unit these guys are done in a wide variety of greys and browns, with some other colors thrown in at random. I like the look, although it is clearly best for late war, and when compared to my Federal troops it really stands out.

This unit, like all my other 15mm ACW units, features a few dead scattered in it. I wanted to try something new with this army (I started this right after the 25mm Nappy French) and thought some dead might be neat. In the end it does look nice; I generally stick toaround two dead per unit, which is enough to look cool but not an overwhelming number.

The officer in this regiment is actually modeled on a reenacting buddy of mine.
When I saw the figure it reminded me of him, with the jacket unbuttoned and everything, and so I thought I would paint him up to match! It took just a tiny bit of work (namely slicing the jacket up with an exacto razor to fashion the pleats) but overall I think he came out nicely! You can see the commander to the above left, and the real life version to the right.

As with the rest of my 15mm ACW armies, these guys are all Battle Honours, with flags, as usual, from Rick the Flag Dude.

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