Friday, May 16, 2008

15mm ACW - Confederate Infantry

Now that I have shown the command stands for my 15mm American Civil War Confederate force, it is time to start in on the troops.

First up is a unit of Southern infantry. For the vast majority of my southern troops I painted them a real hodge-podge of colors, with no real uniformity to most of the units. The infantry stands are actually mix-and-matchable; there
are very few "set" stands for any units (there are, of course, exceptions.) This certainly makes organizing the collection easy!

I painted my 15mm ACW troops in batches of ten, glued onto popsicle sticks and then undercoated. This made it VERY easy to paint them, as I could get to the hard-to-reach spots very simply. This resulted in very neat paint jobs.

The colors, as I mentioned, are pretty varied, but they are all a simple base coat with a pretty deliberate highlight. This is perfect for 15mm, as it is dramatic enough to be noticeable but easy enough to paint quick.

I included some shots of the individual stands so that you can get a good feel for what color schemes I used and how many of each color there was. This unit is a little heavy on the grey as it stands right now; the actual force is maybe a little more varied than this one.

All of the figures are from Battle Honors. All of the flags for ALL of my collections are from Rick O'Brien the Flag Dude; his link is in my links section!

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