Sunday, February 6, 2011

Working on a really neat piece for the cowboys...

Hey all!

Well, thought I'd put up some WIP of a project I've been messing with today...

So, as I've mentioned I have a friend who is doing a whole 15mm Old West table that he wants to keep up for some time.  We've been working on some rules for a game on it, which include a number of options for play, including hunting, stagecoach robberies, train robberies, gang raids, and shoot-outs.  I'm trying to make it so that each "type" of gameplay takes a different amount of time (you can do a hunt in three or four minutes, whereas a full-out train robbery or shoot-out can take an hour) so that you can just jump to the table and play whenever you feel like it!

The idea had come up about creating a little "chit" to represent where your gang left off when you last played, and my buddy had the idea of doing a little "camp" scene as that chit.  The idea is that you take your gang boss and slot him into the chit, and then put the camp down wherever you left off, so at least you get a little visual of where your gang is.

So, here is the one I am working on for my gang!  I used an old poker chip to give it some weight, and then a piece of balsa-like wood for the whole.  I sanded it all down smooth, and then added the horse.  Some spackle, and then I added the fire, the treasure chest (I imagine the gang leader spends his time by the fire checking out his loot!) and then a log to sit on, with some dinner on a plate balanced on the log where the cowboy just put it down!

When it dries I'll undercoat it and then start painting!

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