Sunday, February 20, 2011

Some more 15mm Old West Civilians WIP

Okay, here are some more!

I am taking a break from eyebreaking pixel replacement on the new XBOX game (we DID have a huge breakthrough tonight, a brainwave of sorts of a new sort of game) I thought I'd do some more civilians!

There are a pair of fellows that could be mine workers or common workers... a woman in a plain dress... and a pair of gents who are a bit intimidating... one with his hand in the air preaching, and the other backing his boss up.  No real story behind them, except I thought it would be good to have civilians who had a little bit of a bad-ass presence... can use them for any number of things, or just as regular fellows who favor darker clothes!  You can't tell, but their pants are actually dark brown and dark blue... and the one has a slightly blue-tinted hat.  Can't tell in the photo though!


Giles said...

Looking very good, Lord A.


Ray Rousell said...

Very nice!!