Friday, February 18, 2011

A Glimpse at the new game project

Hey all!

Just thought I'd share a quick VERY very very very very very very early shot of the new XBOX game project, which will be a modern combat sim... above you can see a force of Special Forces troops, Marines, and Army infantry moving across a dense part of the city... there is a LOT left to do, as the UI is basically being redone and a lot more is being done, but still, should be a fun little cheap XBOX game when we are done, in three or four or so months!:)

Anyway... more toy soldier goodness coming soon!


Ulu Elsomalien said...

No need to say I'll buy it. Love your work !

Author said...

Thanks! Gotta say, we hit a REAL brainstorm tonight that will totally change the way the game is played, both simplifying it and making it more interesting... plus, the underlying economics are unlike almost anything you've seen before, while being SUPER super simple AND realistic. Some neat stuff coming:)