Wednesday, February 23, 2011

15mm Old West civilians finished

And that's it!

All of my contributions to the 15mm Old West collection are done, now that I've finished up the last five civilians I had.  These five guys turned out pretty good... a woman in a plain dress, a pair of fellows who are perfect for mine work or whatever, and two gents who might serve as corrupt politicians or some other interesting character.

As a note; these guys ARE dipped.  Generally I grab their bases with an old pair of pliers, and then I dip them in.  I shake them off pretty good in a large paper bag (to contain the splatter.)  I then take a piece of paper towel and fold it over a few times and dab away at a few key spots... namely between the legs, between arms and bodies, at the bottom of robes, and on the faces... otherwise, the dip really pools up there.  Do make sure to fold the paper towel over and use the folded part; do NOT let the ripped edge near the figures, as there will be little bits of fiber that will stick to the figure.  So dab away, and done!

So that's it!  Tomorrow I am hanging out with my buddy and we are going to finally play a bit on the cowboy table... I'll take some photos and report back!


David said...

Are these civilians Blue Moon 15mm miniatures?

Author said...

They are indeed!:)