Thursday, February 24, 2011

**LOADS** of GREAT eye-candy... terrain, Old West, and loads'o'antiques!

Howdy all!

Well, went over to my buddy's place today... took a bunch of table shots, played a bunch of 15mm Cowboys on the big table, and even took some photos of the room and some random stuff in it!

First up... the table shots!

Okay, first up, a shot of the table from the town side.  Please excuse the white board balanced on the edge... it is for record-keeping for a shoot-out:)

You can also see the unpainted fort, placed near the center.  It was taken out shortly after this photo... just wanted to see the layout of the fort.

Here is a shot of the mountains at the end.  You can see some swampland at the bottom left corner... if you look close, you'll even see a buck sheltering in the swamps.

Here is a shot of the mountains from the far side.  You can see the road leading out to the plains, and the camp on the near slope.  On the far mountain you can just make out the miner camp.

Here is a close-up of the nearest camp.  We finished playing and my buddy put out my gang in the camp.

Here is a more well-lit shot of the mountain pass.

Here is the far mountain, with the miner camp.  You can actually see the miners in this shot... two up top (one actually right against the tree) and two guys down below.

On a tall mountain peak, a wolf perches up on a log and howls.

Now, let's get to town!  Here is a shot from outside of town.  You can see the taller grasslands on the right.

Here is a shot of the homestead just outside of town... my buddy is using it as his home base for his gang leader.

Another shot of town, from the far side.

The train pulls up, and a man who has to leave kisses his girl goodbye.

Another shot of the backside of town... the priest is down on the lower left, visiting a grave.

A shot up main street.

A kid runs along the sidewalk in the center of town.

Folks walking around town.

The Chinese laundry.

A moment from the start of one of the gunfights we had tonight... the saloon owner doesn't see the cowboy drawing his weapon...

Now, as for games themselves... we played a bunch of hunts!  Here is "Red" from my gang hunting a wolf.  I think this one got away.

Johnny Ringo, from my buddy's gang, kills himself a cougar... I think he made some dough on that pelt!

The Wells Fargo coach comes out from the valley...

... but just as it hits the plains...

... some cowboys gallop out!

We tried to hijack maybe four stagecoaches today, but they all got away... you don't want to risk your boys too recklessly!

At the end of the night, my gang rests up!

Also, here are a few "craft" shots... first up, here is the bottom of these figures.  Remember, they are 15mm... the infantry is mounted on a button, and the mounted figures on a penny!

Here is a shot from the side.

Here are all the cowboys in their case.

My gang... Hitchcock on the left, boss leader William in the center, and "Red" on the right.

Here are a few shots of the room!  One kepi (artillery I believe) with some swords (decorative) and a few other bits.

Other side of the fireplace, including the hand-stitched Irish Brigade flag.

The mantel over the fireplace... the 15mm ACW troops normally aren't there.  Neither is the kepi; it normally lives on the drum, but was moved for a moment.

The .45s my buddy recently got.  You can see glimpses of the 28mm AWI collection to his left and right.

The K-98 he also got recently... it is an original (repro sling) in AMAZING condition.  Notice near the center left of the barrel the swastika/eagle emblem... just ahead of the K-98 forward of the breech.

Just one of the ridiculous number of shelves all around the edges of the room... note the customized Tigers on the front left of this shot, and the early war CSA unit at the back corner in havelocks.  There are about eight shelves like these of 28mm ACW in the room, along with 10 or so additional big plastic crates of the rest of the 28mm ACW collection under the table, about 20something shelves of 28mm AWI, a huge 28mm WWII shelf, a huge 15mm WWII shelf, and some other assorted figures.

Anyway... hope all have enjoyed!


Josiah Martin said...

Great post! The Wild West stuff looks fantastic, and your buddy's room is amazing!

Vinnie said...

The work you have done to your table is fantastic. One of the best set ups I have seen in years.

BigLee said...

Awsome terrain and wow, what a great space to play in. Trying not to be Green-with-envy.... but failing badly.

Paul´s Bods said...

Incredible...that is one great set up.

Dan said...

That is honestly the best terrain I have ever seen in someone's game room. And what a fantastic room it is!

Bob Chicka said...

Awesome looking table!

WarRaptor said...

Very cool looking game! The table/scenery you are playing on is great!

ljr70 said...

Great pics, great room. A lot of really nice work done here all around. Must make for a fantastic gaming experiance. I didn't need a pic of the buck though, only one I saw all year!! said...

What an amazing game room and the table set up looks great.

The hunting games sound interesting.

Thanks for sharing-