Friday, February 4, 2011

Another Posse of 15mm Cowboys finished, and more...!

Hey all!

Well, just got back from my buddy's place earlier this evening, and wanted to tackle two projects!

First, when I was over there he gave me a pot of the paint he uses for bases, and a sliced-off sheet of Silflors tufts... that way, I could finish the gang up myself!

So, I did!  Above you can see the second posse of five cowboys that I have put together for my buddy's 15mm Cowboy table (minus their final dull coat.)  Again, I used a real mix of earth tones and natural tones to get them looking good.  I especially love the far-most left hand guy... really feels "Bill the Butcher"ish to me:)  I also like the older guy on the far right.  I think my buddy's basing method looks GREAT for these miniatures.

Now, these guys paint up quick, so I also went ahead with another project.  While my friend wants to make sure that each Cowboy has a mounted and foot version, he ALSO wanted to provide some NPC figures for the game that did not necessarily need to do this... they are meant to be "generics" to fight against the player gangs.  So, he made up a gang of generic "White Hats" and "Black Hats," and gave me the good guys to paint up!  So, here is the work so far... there is a bit more to do, but I think when finished, dipped, and based they will look REALLY sharp, and uniform.  The "Black Hats" should look mean when my buddy does them up... they include even a woman!

Oh, and that buddy I mentioned?  Well, he has cleared off the 25mm ACW display seen on this table in the photo (keep in mind, that is not even the main 25mm ACW "collection"... he literally painted every one of the infantry units SPECIFICALLY to be put on the table, so he wouldn't really have to clear any infantry out of his cabinets, where they are in line like they are on parade!) and has the basic cowboy layout down.  It looks RIDICULOUS... maybe the coolest wargames table I've seen, with more "height" than anything seen before... wait until you SEE the mountain passes and camps!  When he has it ready, I'll snap some photos:)

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