Friday, February 25, 2011

Some icons for our new game

Thought folks might enjoy seeing a few icons... the left hand column is the "Recruit New Units" icon for the Dictator faction (top) the NATO faction (middle) and the Resistance faction (bottom.)  The right-hand column is the "Research and Development" icon, which is where you research new weapons and gear for your units.

Anyway, I know this is primarily a wargames blog, but this one (for the XBOX) will be basically a modern warfare wargame, so it might be of some interest!

This one is a few months away from finished (probably closer to four by the time all the AI work is done) but if anyone has anything they would like to see in a modern combat game, please do share:)

Also, just so folks know, my first XBOX game, Zombie Armageddon, is VERY cheap right now, and still doing well!  It is totally worth the money... so please do consider buying it (it is about a dollar) on XBOX Live Indie Games!


Ulu Elsomalien said...

-Personnalizable avatar (choose from the entire range of a head/torso/legs) or at least color (flag/uniform) choice
-Survival mode (no story, just a city to conquer/protect with a little team and money to start)
-Multiplayer (2 on the same Xbox)
-A character who is "black market man" (usable for all the factions)

maybe one or two others things to add...

I love the icons !

Ulu Elsomalien said...

Save button.