Monday, February 7, 2011

15mm Cowboy "White Hats" all done

 Hey all!

Well, the "White Hats," which will be used as the generic NPC "good guy" gang or posse in my buddy's persistent 15mm Old West game, are all done!  After I got them basically done we talked a bit, and felt that they were not "hanging together" enough as a gang of good guys... I made a few changes, including adding a few gray pants and, most important, painting ALL of the hats white.  I think this did a LOT in making them more consistently "good guy" looking.  Yeah, it is a little Spaghetti Western, but that is what we are shooting for with this gang of good guys!

Anyway, hope everyone enjoys!


Dan said...

Looks really good. My favorite is the one with the double pistols

Giles said...

Very nice work, Lord A. This 15mm project is shaping up really nicely.


Author said...

Hey guys!

Yeah, the double pistol guy is pretty sharp... the guy with the duster and the rifle is pretty great too:)

Giles, thanks for the kind words! The table is actually done, but I've been ordered that no photos be shown until we get some with the good camera... which sucks, because it looks INSANE... but still... thanks!