Tuesday, February 1, 2011

A glimpse at the Cowboy rules I'm working on

Hey all!

Well, as loyal readers know, we've been doing some cowboy gaming recently, using some home grown rules... I've been working on them as being both useful for shootouts, as well as for the gradual build-up of a gang over time, AND to use for things like hunting, robbing stage coaches and trains, and the like.  Honestly, I've been working towards creating a tabletop version of something like the XBOX game Red Dead Redemption.

Anyway, the rules are still being worked on (in the midst of doing the hunting rules and the robbing stagecoach rules... they seem pretty neat so far!) but I thought I'd share a few shots of a VERY early draft.  I am trying to make it as simple as possible and yet fun.  It works off of an Action Point system, with a little tweaking, and so far in the four playtests we've run it is quick and it creates a VERY nice narrative and inherent game strategy.


Donogh said...

Sounds interesting - looking forward to seeing your scenario-specific rules on stagecoachs etc.
(Nice production values too!)

Author said...

Thanks for coming by, man!

Yeah, the hunting/stagecoach/train rules are all rooted in an idea of "relative distance," where each turn both sides roll to see how far apart they are. If the distance gets to be too much, the target escapes. If the distance gets down to zero, the cowboys can jump on the coach or the animal (if dangerous) gets to attack. Otherwise they blast away! Overall it is simple, but I think fun.

Glad you like the look of it! There is a spelling mistake on the second page (actually two, but I fixed one) but yeah, we are trying to make them look good... my buddy did them in powerpoint. Hopefully they'll all look nice:)

Anyway, thanks for coming by!

Donogh said...

Like it - Nice and simple! (like the old James Bond rpg mechanic we've borrowed for other games)

BattleSausage said...

Great idea, love the game. Although the PS version is better. lol!

I would like to see those rules be able to work with "leveling up" and much like the game be able to always use my character.

Please include rules for the zebra donkey, this is a must have lol!

Kev said...

Just wondering if you had an update on your rules and/or if you might be up to sharing the complete set???