Friday, August 6, 2010

Latest project, and a question for you all!

Hey all!

Well, I am back home for a day, and then right back out for a week at the beach!

I do plan to bring some troops with me though, to paint... and I based up my Russian centerpiece of surrendered French troops being guarded by Russian soldiers.  The French troops are sitting in small groups behind the lines back near the Russian supplies... one group listening to a guy playing his fife, the other smoking and keeping an eye on a heartbroken compatriot.  It also includes a Russian officer interrogating a French officer and four Russian guards... two marching guard duty, and two watching the conversation between officers..

I do have the crates and barrels seen above, as well as a small stone wall piece, another set of barrels (this time on end) and a bunch of French muskets....  would captured muskets be stacked?

Honestly,  I am not sure how to use the barrels and crates... I DO want to use them in the background of the scene, to establish that it is set in the rear, but I also have a cool stone wall I could use...

So what do you all think?  How should I set this up?  Is it fine as is, with the two pieces behind them getting across the idea?  Should BOTH pieces be to the same side?



Greg Sapara said...

Great vignette! Can't wait to see the finished product!

Valion said...

I'd sure add both of the objects. The barrels look good, and if I was a Russian officer, I'd order my forces to stack them cloe to some wall, as troops might take cover there with ease.
Troops tend to rest where defensive structures are given, and that's exactly where they need the supplies, don't you think ?

Oh, and thanks for your inspirational homepage ! I visit it every now and then and love your stuff. But until now I haven't written anything.

Best wishes from Germany, and a pleasant stay at the beach ;)

Giles said...

This is a really inspired use of the figures. Personally, I think the scene looks great as it is. Looking forward to seeing them painted.

Best wishes