Sunday, August 15, 2010

Okay; here are some options for this base; help needed!

Howdy all.

Okay... I put together a couple of options for the base.

I am really unsure here... I have a lot of questions!

Should the prisoners be "in the open" or should they be near the wall, or should they be near barrels or boxes?  Should the guards near the officer interrogation scene both be next to the French officer (to prevent him from doing anything) or near the Russian officer (to protect him) or one and one?  Which direction should the officers be facing? Should the two walking guards be assigned one per base of French prisoners?  ArrgghgghhhhhHhddhdhhh!!!

Here are some photos:

Okay, here is #1 (above)  No wall, prisoners are more in the open, one guard per group, one guard near the French officer, one not really.  You can see the four "background" pieces I have here, although the stacked muskets are not in this shot.

#2: Officer being interrogated near the wall, to show that the Russian officer wants to be in cover of some sorts in some way.  Both standing guards are guarding the French officer.  The officers have also been twisted so that the Russian has his back to the viewer (the French officer is very nicely painted.)

#3 is just like #2; however, I replaced the wall behind the officers with boxes, to give a more "supply area" feel, which is sort of what I want.

#4: Here BOTH pieces of "background" are behind the officers.  Both standing guards are still on the Frenchie.  The prisoners now have been angled AWAY from the center of the scene, so they look less like they are watching the interrogation.  Both walking guards are now behind the sitting troops.

#5: One standing guard has been moved next to the Russian officer.  They have also been spun a bit so both officers are sort of visible.

Sooo.... that is where I am.  I wanted to finish this TODAY, but I honestly cannot figure out how everything should look... so for now, I think I am stuck.


Dan said...

IMHO I think the prisoners should be next to the wall and barrels or crates. This would seem like a temporary wall to keep the prisoners from running in that direction. Then have a guard on either end of the wall. With a third between them and the officers. And perhaps one guard near the interogation. Althought its hard to say which way to face them. Will you be adding any scenics? Several small bushes or tree perhaps and worn a foot path to the supply? The interogation could be done under the shade of the tree?
Just some thoughts hope it helps.


Author said...

Hey Dan!

Dude, thanks so much for the suggestions... I've been bouncing between ideas for quite a bit!

I was actually thinking the same you were, about using the barrels and crates to sort of create a barrier around the prisoners, but I tried it a few ways and it kept coming off as very crowded:(

I WILL be adding a few scenics, but nothing too crazy... a few bushes, for sure... I was thinking about a road to somehow connect to the Pavlov Grenadiers centerpiece, but can't quite get the angle right... however, I would like to do a path or a fence or something. A tree might be a bit beyond my ability, however! If I could find a good dead tree, I would consider that...

Anyway... thanks SO much for the suggestions man... you always need a few sets of eyes for this sort of thing, you know?