Saturday, August 28, 2010

Best wargames magainze?

Hey all!

I just re-upped my subscription to Wargames Illustrated.  Got my two nice sets of minis (Armisted at Gettysburg and Napoleon resting at Borodino or wherever it was.)

I did want to ask, though... are there other wargames magazines out there that people enjoy more?  I don't really game at all, so the Flames of War focus that Battlefront has in Wargames Illustrated is a touch wasted on me...

So... any suggestions?



Chicago Terrain Factory said...

Fine Scale Modeler - good for general modeling tips and tricks.

Ancient Warfare - each issue is themed, allowing you to pick and chose based on topic.

Steve-the-Wargamer said...

I've given them all up for "Battlegames" and the recently started "Classic Wargames Journal"

jmilesr said...

I have read / subscribed to three of the magazines and would rank them (most favored first) as:

(1) Battlegames - nice writing style
(2) Miniature Wargaming
(3) Wargames Illustrated -impressive layout but becoming more and more focused on the hand that feeds it.

scotty said...

I've just started to get the bi monthly Wargames Recon. My subs for WI has just ended and not sure if i will be renewing