Sunday, August 22, 2010

Vikings on the table

Hey all,

Well, the table is cleaned off and ready for the next 10mm Napoleonic game... I am not sure if I will put out the 25mm Nappys, but I think I will once the table is cleared...

In the meantime, here are my 25mm Vikings!

I took a few separate photos of them.

First I took an overall photo.

Then I took two photos of the warriors with the captains... a group of four warriors per captain.

Finally I took a photo of the commander with the four berzerkers.

Overall I think they look awful good!  I still haven't done the eyes on the captains or 3 of the berzerkers... I am an idiot for not having done it yet:)  I'll do it when I get the next group of 25mm Nappy Brits done.

Oh, and speaking of 25mm Nappy Brits...

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