Saturday, August 21, 2010

A few close-ups of the finished Russian piece

Hey all!

FINALLY finished this (in between powerwashing and restaining the deck, reflooring one bathroom, and repainting another) and thought I would post a few photos.  I'll get more of the finished piece later... I am much happier with it, actually... amazingly, the placement of the bushes needed changing and the new spots compliment the piece MUCH better!

Gotta say, close-ups of figures REALLY makes you insecure...:D


Dan said...

I like the finished product. Very nice looking paint jobs and ground work!

Docsmith said...

Nice work - I like your vignette, a good use of these interesting figures to tell a story. I find these add to a table top and even have their uses apart from decoration - now you can represent captured troops. It doesn't happen often when gaming but you're now well-equipped for the possibility!