Monday, August 23, 2010

The table is set for the next 10mm Napoleonic game

Hey all!

Well, I set the table up for the next 10mm Napoleonic game.

I based it on the last set-up, so I wouldn't have to tear the whole thing down... changed around some fields, lay down some more... moved some woods, took away some hills and the fortifications, and moved the chateau and some buildings.

The game is two divisions per side, with five brigades total per side.

The French rolled a larger force with more elites (including an entire elite brigade) and one extra foot artillery battery.  The British have fewer infantry (although they also have an elite brigade) and artillery but one brigade of cavalry more, so they will have to use the cavalry to really harass the French, to try to force the French to keep infantry back to protect their flanks and the artillery.

Above is the French force.  Four brigades of infantry, one large brigade of cavalry, and two batteries of artillery.  However, thanks to the deployment roll, they all enter in the same place, which will give the British plenty of time to pound on them with artillery and move while the French try to unravel their traffic jam.

Above is the larger of the two British divisions... one large brigade of cavalry and two brigades of infantry.  While smaller than the equivalent French divisions, the British got a good deployment roll, and will likely try to occupy the chateau and orchard.  They can then use their cavalry to sweep around the flank, through the fields and over the stream in an attempt to force the French to send troops that way to defend them.  I may, in retrospect, make a change in deployment and put BOTH British cavalry brigades in this division... they can then BOTH be used on this much-more-open flank and take the division commander with them to ensure they stay in command, leaving one brigade of infantry behind to hold the chateau.  Brigades holding a building will simply hold if they fail their Command rolls, which is just fine for these guys!

Above is the smaller British division.  They will likely move sideways towards the chateau, although the idea of holding the bridge to their front while their artillery pounds the French is hard to pass up... although they might get simply overwhelmed.  We'll see what happens.

Above is a shot of the bridge and center of the field (the smaller British division is JUST out of the shot to the left, and you can see the start of the French.)  There will likely be a lot of movement through here, through the woods, and around through the dark plowed field.

So... that's the setup!


Dan said...

awesome. I love your terrain. Any chance of some close ups of it?

looks like a good game as well.

Author said...


Thanks for the kind words!

I can do some closeups, sure... what do you want to see?

A warning though... nothing looks as good up close as it does far away, ESPECIALLY at such a tiny scale:D

Josiah Martin said...

Very nice setup!