Wednesday, August 25, 2010

The opening turns of my 10mm Nappy game

Hey all!

Well, I am several turns into my latest 10mm Napoleonic game, and thought I would share a few photos!

The one above is how things have been left... I'll take you through a few of the moments that lead up to it:)

Here you can see the French troops redeploying towards the center of the field.  The French general wanted to avoid attacking the chateau and long wall of the orchard, as they were flanked by a nasty stone wall field.  Instead he will try to circle ALL the way around the table and attack the orchard and chateau from the unprotected side.  It will be a long walk there...  the French cavalry has already crossed the river in an attempt to get to the British artillery, which took the surprising action of unlimbering and trying for a few shots at the dense French forces.

Here is a shot of the French cavalry going after the British artillery.  The British cavalry, although outnumbered, managed to hit the Frenchmen before they could get to the guns... however, would they really be able to see the larger French force off?

French troops advance to protect a battery of artillery that sped ahead... maybe too far ahead, especially given that the infantry commander paused his men for a few minutes to ensure that he was supposed to advance that far!  Possibly a costly mistake...

The British cavalry commander sees the French artillery possibly vulnerable and quickly orders his brigade across the fields towards the French guns... can he get there before the French infantry can protect the cannon?

The French artillery opens fire, thinking themselves safe from the distant English cavalry...

... but they aren't.  The British cavalry make a daring charge forward, knowing that they have only one chance (one that will require some pretty nifty die rolls) to get to the French artillery and take it out!

The British cavalry catches the French battery and slaughters them, as the French infantry nearby arrive just a minute too late, forming square in order to at least protect themselves and the second French battery.  It seems the British will get away with their daring move!

Picton returns to the orchard to organize the defense of the chateau after personally ensuring the cavalry follows orders... the brigade commander is a rather incompetent fellow, who even ordered his troops out of the cover of the orchard and started to cross the steam in order to support the British cavalry... which did NOT need any support from slow moving infantry who were too far away!


Captain Richard's miniature Civil War said...

excellent looking table

Dan said...

Very nice, very nice indeed, really like the mass troops look, great looking table.

Dan said...

Very nice, very nice indeed, really like the mass troops look, great looking table.