Tuesday, July 27, 2010

The Share-the-Toy-Soldier-Blog Game!

Hey all!

Prompted by a comment, and remembering how much fun it was to track down some of the best wargames rooms, I was thinking back of the great blogs that I have found since I started looking for toy soldiers, and how much I would like to keep looking!

One of the things I've done, late at night, when I am not quite ready for sleep, is to pore over links and photos until they lead to that awesome internet toy soldier find... a blog packed full of beautiful photos of miniature collections... inspiring conversions and dioramas... terrain projects... you know what I mean? There have been dozens of these sites over the years... the original Kapiti fusiliers, Gile's AWI blog, the Teahouse... so many great ones!

But of course... I am just one guy! I figure SO many people must have found toy soldier treasures online that I've never seen...

SO! I wanted to try this; I would love to ask each visitor to share just a SINGLE, absolutely-top-shelf toy soldier website that the rest of us can take a look.

The Share-the-Toy-Soldier-Blog Game!

A few rules!:)

Rule #1: Each person can only suggest ONE... so make sure to recommend the very best you've seen!

Rule #2: No repeats! If someone already provided a link for it, you've gotta contribute a different one!

Rule #3: Obviously, no posting your own.

So! I hope that some folks can share some great sites they have found, and that folks can find new places to look at toy soldiers!

I will start the game off with.....


Uhm... okay, it is AWFUL hard to beat Tarleton's Quarter... Giles Allison's FANTASTIC AWI blog is a treasure trove of eye candy coupled with fantastic text... just a great blog.

So... who is up next?!:)


Author said...

Okay, to officially start the game...

Tarleton's Quarter!


Who is next?

Anonymous said...

scott mcphee
absolute birlliance


Author said...

Would have been my own second mention:) LOVE Scott's very clean style.

Next up?

Dan said...

Im still pretty new to the hobby and even newer to the blogging scene. But one blog I've enjoy especially for the terrain tips and tutorials is

Armored Ink


Josiah Martin said...


Christopher(aka Axebreaker) said...

I would have said Giles Tarleton's Quarter as well,but my second choice would be Mr. Imrie's:



paint-in.com said...

I was going to say Dave Imrie's blog but Chris beat me to it so I had been thinking of Lord Ashrams but just a wisker ahead I would like to mention:


Absolutely brilliant and the pace of painting of this man is staggering to say the least.

paint-in.com said...

Ash are you going to collect all those brilliant blogs into some sort of link / bloglist ?

Jeff said...

Here's my favorite:


ColCampbell50 said...

I would nominate Der Alte Fritz's blog about his (primarily) SYW armies.



Author said...

Hey guys!

Yeah, I was thinking of collecting them all, for sure:)

I was wondering how long it would take before Der Alte Fritz showed up:)

Anyway... game on!:)

Der Alte Fritz said...

I would like to nominate Stokes Schwartz's "Grand Duchy of Stollen" blog:




ADB said...

One I really enjoy is http://steelonsand.blogspot.com

A wide mix but always enjoyable


Anonymous said...

Not my period, but the photos of his figures are terrific, and the write-ups really interesting:


Roly (Arteis)

jmilesr said...

here's my vote:


Tim said...

Madaxeman.com seems to do OK :-)

Anonymous said...

I've got to break the rules and post a link to a blog I only just found.


This one has scenery to die for.

Giles said...

Hey, Lord A - thanks for your kind words!!

I can't choose between two that haven't yet been mentioned, so I'm flipping a coin, Heads is Christopher's "Bunker Hill" blog (http://christopher-bunkerhill.blogspot.com/) and tails is Sire Godfrey's blog (http://lead-mountain.blogspot.com/).

Does this count as breaking the rules? :^)

Best wishes


Author said...


Of course not! Just like me saying...

"Oh gosh, I am shocked, SHOCKED I tell you, that no one has mentioned the Tea House, found at this link...


... because it is great!"


Seriously though Giles, I do adore your site. Your minis are so superbly painted, your collection is careful, and I enjoy the historical backgrounds very much. Thanks!

Author said...

BTW, there are some FANTASTIC links here! You guys really "got" what I was looking for... I am just blown away by a few of these! Great stuff!