Tuesday, July 20, 2010

25mm Viking Captains

Howdy all!

As loyal readers know, I've returned from Italy, full of painting vigor!:)

So, last night I assembled the movement tray for my 25mm Viking commanders. It holds three figures; my Foundry monster, who is the chieftain of the warband, and his two captains. I opted for two captains so that if I ever do any skirmish games with these guys against each other, I can just put on captain on each side... I am not sure I'll use the big boss, as scale-wise he is a bit big, but still...

A note about the captains in general... both are bare-headed, as I wanted them to stick out a bit from the regular guys. They are the only bareheaded guys other than the bezerkers. Also, both of them are standing on rocks, to tie them in a bit with each other and the big Foundry guy, as well as to give them a bit of size and stature compared to the warriors. I also gave each guy a bit of yellow to further tie them into the big boss figure.

The first guy is a blond fellow. He is pointing with a sword at something I am sure he is planning to kill. I gave him a more colorful, fancy shield than most of the warriors. I also gave him a full kit of gear on his back, including both a bow and arrows as well as a helmet on his belt. Also do notice that for every guy with a sword, I cut away a hilt and gave them empty scabbards.

The other captain is a fierce looking red-headed fellow... like his friend, he also got a rather fancy shield, this time with some sort of horse imagery on it. I didn't give him a bow and arrows, instead giving him a horn as a piece of individualistic, "leader" kit. I did want both of the captains to stand out a bit as far as how much gear they carried... I think the "cluttered" look actually looks pretty cool:)

Finally I also polished off another single figure... namely, the "scout" for the first company of warriors. I want to have each company consist of seven regular warriors and then a single warrior with a bow, who can act as a "scout" sort of figure or skirmisher, who is mounted at the front right spot of the company... I used unarmored celt bodies for them, with a simple helmeted head to tie them in with the rest. Unfortunately one scout will be wearing armor, as I ran out of unarmored bodies, but what can you do!

So! What else is there? Well, I have the bezerkers to do, as well as two more units of warriors, one of which has not yet been assembled or primed or anything... I'll likely get these done after polishing off a few more Napoleonic brits... but I'll post a bit about my summer painting plans soon:)


Dan said...

They all look very nice! I've been following your vikings and like what I see. They would look great gaming the Pig Wars rules recently got. :) Im painting some 1/72 vikings so I can actually use the rules :) Keep up the good work!

Steve said...

Stunning work indeed! Well done sir. Very envious of your work as it is inspirational.

I did notice though that you were mounting them for, what appears to be, a War of the Ring variant? Where would one learn more about it?

Thanks and keep up the awesome work!