Tuesday, July 20, 2010

My summer plans

Hey all!

Well, while I was away for a few weeks, I had a bit of time to think about what projects I want to tackle this summer!

Now, my time is, unfortunately, a bit limited:( I have a few weeks of time, as I am away for three weeks this summer, and need to do some other big jobs... powerwashing and restaining the deck, painting a piece of the outside of the house, painting the guest bath... there is a lot to do.

However; I will get some toy soldier work done!

So! What are the plans? Glad you asked!

First up... finishing the unit of 25mm Wargames Factory Viking warriors, and the unit of bezerkers. That will take maybe two nights, maybe three of painting... then dipping, varnishing, flocking, and voila!

After that I think I'll knock out a few more 25mm Napoleonic Brits... I am doing them a few at a time... just so I have them as a group of skirmish figures to compliment my Russians, Austrians, and French... after all, what kind of Napoleonic collector doesn't have some Brits done! I will make up a few skirmish movement trays for these guys, and likely a flag as well.

Then, after that, I think I want to tackle, FINALLY, my diorama for my 25mm Napoleonic Russians... namely, my French Prisoners/Russian guards scene! I've wanted to get to that for a long time, and honestly my 25mm Russians need some attention:)

After that? Well, summer may be over by then. I might bring the diorama on a family trip to North Carolina, so if I CAN get all of that done, then I should probably polish off my half-finished regiment of Russian infantry that has sat, half done, for a year on the bench. Or maybe I should finish the last company of Norsemen?

Anyway... lots of plans! Now I think I am going to totally ignore ALL of those carefully-laid plans and see if I can figure out how to sculpt a greatcoat on a figure!:D

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