Tuesday, July 27, 2010

25mm Viking Berzerkers finished

Hey all! Well, I finished my Viking berzerkers!

These guys were made out of a combo of Wargames Factory Armored Vikings and Unarmored Celts. I felt that berzerkers shouldn't be wearing armor... hence the bare torsos. I also gave them bare heads, unlike the majority of the troops, who are wearing helmets... in fact, they all are with the exception of the captains. I do still have to paint their eyes, though... I keep forgetting to do that! Maybe tonight:)

The movement tray is a standard War of the Rings tray with half the holes covered up. I added a dead horse to the tray as there was a lot of room and I wanted to try something different... it turned out okay, although not mind blowing. I tried to tie the guys into the rest of the collection through the use of the rocks and bushes as well.

Even in this tiny unit, you can see my love of symmetry... two guys with axe and shield, two guys with double axes, which can neatly break down if I do run a game where my vikings fight each other.

One more group that is already undercoated and has a figure done needs doing, and then one last unit, and the vikings are done!

P.S. Now that I look at these photos I find they are a bit blurry. I'll see about taking different ones.


Anonymous said...

Hey ashram-

just wanted to drop in and let you know how great this blog is. Whenever I go online, I check three sites immeadiately: TMP, FoW, and this wonderful little blog.
Keep up the great work


Author said...

Hey man!

Thank you SO very much for the kind words!:D

I really do love blogging, and it is my fervent desire (yes, I get a little fanatical about this sort of thing) to create a blog about toy soldiers that anyone finding it for the first time in some random 2:00 AM toy-soldier-search (I'm not the only one who does this, right?) would be really thrilled to read.

Honestly, my first intent with this blog was to post my collections... I am not the fastest worker, and I know that, now that I have posted so much of my collection, the blog has slowed down a little... but I really do appreciate it to know that people still keep up with it day-to-day:)

I also have a regular group of blogs that I check... in fact... maybe I will actually try to collect a few from folks? That might make for a fun post!:)

Anyway... listen man, again, thanks SO much. I honestly can't tell you how happy it makes me to know I've made the blog worthwhile for you to check on your own toy-soldier-search!:)

Dan said...

Excellent work. I've enjoyed watching you complete these. What do you use for the grass on the bases?

Author said...

Hey man!

I picked up some Gale Force 9 grass from Neal at The Warstore.


I don't recall which color it is, but it is the basic green:)