Sunday, July 18, 2010

The Greatest Wargames Table Ever

Whelp, here goes!

So. When we were in San Gimignano, I happed to see a flyer for a new museum. It was a museum dedicated to the study of the town in ancient times, featuring a number of neat exhibits, including some clothing, and some larger scale models of medieval life.

However, the centerpiece of the museum was this; a handmade, all-ceramic model of the town as it would have looked in approximately 1300. It was an AMAZING thing to see; really, truly fantastic. The city was made using over 800 models, each constructed and sculpted by hand. While you are NOT supposed to photograph the model, I couldn't help but sneak a few photos when the guide was not with us.

There were GREAT little touches all over, and we could actually find our hotel among the buildings! There were two sections that were removed; they simply had to be slid over to fit in the display room, which is itself a historic site! It was a very nicely detailed table, down to each individual row of vegetables in the fields of the outer houses, the cisterns and wells... it was really an exquisitely finished piece.There is even a store now associated with the museum, which sells the buildings themselves!

Now... obviously the owners of the museum do not realize that they actually a wargames table, but holy cow... ! It really is one of the best tables I have ever seen... beautifully put together, and almost a perfect 25mm scale.

The name of the museum is San Gimignano 1300, and I HIGHLY recommend it to ANY toy soldier lover or diorama who is even remotely in the area! Check out the website for a few videos chronicling the making of the table!


DeanM said...

That is amazing; before I saw your comment at the end of being approx. 25mm, I thought the same thing looking at the woman standing next to it in one of the photos. Thanks for "sneaking" the photos. Dean

CWT said...

Marvellous stuff!

BigLee said...

Naughty boy! Well done though. I've never truly understood why museums ban photography. The excuse often given is "for insurance purposes" which I find hard to believe, especially when other museums don't have the same problem. I suspect the real reason is actually commercial, i.e. you’ll buy a postcard or guide from the shop in lieu of taking pictures. Personally I think it’s a short-sighted policy and could actually turn visitors off (One of the first things I check when planning a trip to a new museum is “can I take pictures?”).

That model is quite awesome and would make a great table for a city siege/assault game.

Grimsby Mariner said...

Skirmish game for the Italian Wars then played along the steets. Or how about playing out "ASsassins Creed Renaossence" as a figure game amongst the buildings?

Tony said...

That really is quite awesome. Thank you for sneaking the photos.


Giles said...

That really is prettu phenomenal - the sort of thing GW might put together once in a while!


Anonymous said...

The real reason was commercial, but we change policy and now.... YOU CAN TAKE PICTURES AND SHARE WITH US ON FACEBOOK, FLICKR, WORDPRESS.... IT'S AN HONOUR FOR US!!!!
Thank You and See You in San Gimignano...

Author said...


Oh, that is SO great! Your museum is just fantastic... I hope you get a TON of business!! This is actually the third most popular post on this blog in the last year or so, so hopefully all the readers, if they are in Italy, will stop by. It is SO worth it!