Saturday, September 26, 2009

Some of my favorite wargames rooms

Hey all!

While things are still awful slow here at the House of War, I thought I would take a few minutes and post something.

A while back on TMP, I began a thread for pictures of the nicest wargames rooms around. I always figured there must be some truly fantastic rooms out there that many people had never seen, that might even serve as inspiration for those people who are working on their own rooms!

Now, of course I love my own room, so I thought I would start with that... but MAN there are some great, great rooms out there!

So; I thought I'd post up a few pictures of some of the ones I have found!

First up, of course, is my favorite; from Echoes of Glory. This room is half Ultimate Wargames Room, featuring a huge 25mm AWI collection, a huge 25mm WWII collection, a pretty good sized 15mm WWII collection, a huge Warhammer collection, and the big daddy of them all, maybe the largest 25mm ACW collection any one single person owns. The other half is Ultimate Museum, as it is full of original uniforms, weapons, equipment, surgical supplies, and no fewer than six handstitched flags. For more, please head over to Echoes of Glory!

Next up is a room that anyone with even a drop of wargaming love in their heart would KILL to game in... namely, that of the Perry twins! Apparently they have quite the collection of antiques, as befits the premier historical miniatures sculptors in the world! Of course, like any true miniature stal... er... lover, I couldn't help but notice the fantastic samurai fortress in the background and what looks to be an original shako in the cabinet there... if there are more photos out there I'd love to see them! Of course, if you want to see some great miniatures, head on over to the Perry Twins own website.. you can see the room in the shots of the battle of Mafeking.

Next up? I think we'll head to maybe the ultimate man-cave, which combines a love of wargaming with a love of booze and the ability to actually drive your car right into the wargames room! Jay White (I believe that is his name) has a pretty well-stocked bar in his place, and some beautiful hard wood that really gives it a nice pub feel. The fact that it is actually a large garage is actually hidden until you notice the door, which can be opening on nice days so you can play in sunlight! Great, great stuff; to see more, check out these photos... and if anyone has a website for Jay White, please let me know and I will add it!

Next up... The Dungeon! While this room is definitely fantasy in feel (note the two-tailed comet on the table top and the sword straight from Conan the Barbarian) the sheer craftsmanship and showmanship is the tops! Reminiscent of a viking drinking hall, the room is full of awesome touches, such as the door disguised as a fireplace and the wargames table that can be covered up and used as a drinking table! Maybe the coolest and most unique wargaming room out there... check out all the photos, and the WIP shots, here!

For those whose interest tends more towards the colonial days and cool drinks brought to you by dusky-skinned serving ladies, The Bengal Club is for you! These chaps play primarily colonial games (although it seems they will play almost anything) and their wargames space reflects it! Of course, one of the best parts of their website is the EXHAUSTIVE guide to drink making... I do wonder how many of their games actually get FINISHED. For more great shots (and a few good booze recipes) please check out The Bengal Club!

One of the nicest tables I have ever seen is found in another great wargames room; namely, at the Rat Palace! The table itself is made using dozens and dozens of prefab tiles, and can be quickly laid out thanks to a fantastic set of "planning tiles" and a pretty nicely made storage system. It doesn't hurt that the walls are positively PACKED with miniatures standing in front of mirrors... and they even have a swimming poll! If I am ever down in Texas I know where to head for a game! For more great photos and a fantastic walk-through of one of the most inspirational tables ever, please do check out The Rat Palace... be sure to check out the pages on the table!

Now, when you see something that says (Joe's Pictures) you know two things; first, you must click, and second, you will be sick with envy when you do. These chaps put on some of the nicest wargames around; tables groaning under insane amounts of beautifully painted lead, and some of the nicest scenery around. They generally play at Ron Ringrose's house, where not only the wargames room is crazy, but the workroom is HUGE... no WONDER they can make custom boards for almost every game! For some pictures, check them out here!

So! Hope this has led you to check out some rooms you never knew existed, and if anyone has any links to truly amazing rooms, or more photos of the rooms I highlighted here, please feel free to share!


jmilesr said...

Thanks for posting the shots of the different game rooms - it's something for me to aspire to as I plan my own. More importantly, a few of them (especially the "dungeon" one allow me to point out to my wife that my efforts are the very model of moderation compared to others!

By the way, the glass cases in your room, did you build them or were they purchased? I need to put up some more figure storage and was thinking about alternatives.

Author said...

Hey man!

Yeah... you know, that, what is crazy... if you look at The Dungeon, it actually is a fairly low-budget operation... I think he said it was a total of $1200 or $1500... which is not CHEAP by any means, but given the outcome...?

The cases I got from The Home Decorator; they are just fantastic. Here is a link to the appropriate post to it... not the cheapest in the world, but ultimately perfect for the job.

Thanks for coming by!

Rafael Pardo said...

A great roster of rooms!
I love the Perry's own because they are running a 'Carlist War' game (Spanish civil War in the 19th century).
You can also see at the Benno's forum for more rooms:
Wargaming Room

Author said...

Hey Raf,

Thanks for coming by. I admit, I didn't see a wargames room in your link... I DID see what seems to be a VERY well stocked toy soldier store, however, with shelves groaning under boxes of soldiers and armor...?


That is a LOT of toys:)

Brian said...

I am extremely jealous. I'm still a few years away from my own gaming room. Sadly high school history teachers don't make much...

Marcus said...

Hi Lord Ashram.. I've looked at all of these in the past for inspiration whilst building my own gaming room, but I have to say yours in particular has inspired my.

I'll hopefully make your list one day when I can put the finishing touches on my own.


Author said...

Hey, I feel the teacher bit, trust me... you know, I think the primary things you need for a nice room are really A) space and B) willingness to build. If you are able to do a lot of your own work and you have the space, anything is possible!

And Marcus, your room is probably the most watched one around... that space is just insane:) I swear, the most fun you will have is once it is all together and you get to decorate... I really do feel like a well-decorated wargames room is the key. Even buying a book of prints and removing the pages/prints and framing them in simple frames is a good start!

Oh, and as a few folks have asked; in the poll, neither the Perrys nor their miniatures actually come with the room:)

Marcus said...

Thanks mate = )

Well.. I did get my first print from the UK the other day.. The 28th Regiment at Quatre Bras by Elizabeth Thompson (Lady Butler). Well.. it cost me $140(au) to import, which I thought was step.. it's in getting framed as we speak for another $300!

It's probably the last expensive print I do for some time, but will take pride of place on my feature wall!

That reminds me, must buy my wife flowers...

Author said...


Key to successful wargames room?

Wife before room.

Then all will be fine!:D

Seriously though, I think there are some very easy, low-cost ways to decorate a game room without it looking cheesy. I am disappointed when you see someone with a great space but then they decorate in the style of a college dorm room for 45 year old men... I think the biggest thing is just making sure things are framed, even if the frames are a bit cheap... pages out of magazines and books are an easy way to get prints. There are some fantastic maps in this book...

They are all large and folded up within the book, and reproduced BEAUTIFULLY, right down to the ink stains and dirt... frame a few up and bang, beautiful decorations!

WebOgre said...

You've found a couple I hadn't seen before like the Dungeon. Good show! For additional inspiration you might want to include the following:

That goes to Phil Olley's site of League of Augsburg fame. He has additional shots at the bottom of the page.