Saturday, September 5, 2009

The Workbench

Howdy folks!

First off, lemme say I am sorry that The House of War has been awful quiet this last month... I am hard at work on my first XBOX video game with some buddies from Microsoft, and that has taken up a LOT of my free time.

However, there is still some work going on!

So, hot on the heels of my last ACW batch, here is the next batch of guys, some 28mm Napoleonic Austrians.

Now, for now I've been alternating back and forth, back and forth, between Austrians and ACW. However, I think I might take a break from that... I think maybe next I'll do two Austrian artillery pieces and a commander, and then go into ACW for a while... I need to get some Federals and Confederates done!

Anyway, these guys are done except for dipping, basing, and flags... I should have them done by Tuesday, when I start work again!

Thanks for coming by!


Scott MacPhee said...

Are you in the Seattle area, then? My cousin's husband is a game designer for Microsoft.

Author said...

No kidding? No, I am in New Jersey, but my buddies are all out in Redmond at "The Campus."

muzik212 said...

They are all done...

Hey dude, I have about 800 minis all DONE. They just need

flash cleaning
then flags

Other then that they pretty much DONE! ;)