Monday, August 31, 2009

A new Spacehulk on the way!

While I do not collect or play any Games Workshop games, I still read White Dwarf regularly, just so I can keep up with it... I've been collecting White Dwarf since the very earliest issues and have just about every one from issue 100 on.

Anyway, I was THRILLED to see that not only is Space Hulk being re-released, but it is coming back with a VENGEANCE!

The miniatures that come with it are STUNNING; probably the most beautiful non-Perry plastics I've ever seen. I love that the Genestealers are so... well, creepy and creeping and nasty:) And the Marines look great.
I must say I am also happy that they look to have gone back to the first edition for the rules! No more "special" dice... I always liked the simplicity of regular dice, and I am glad they seem to be getting back to that... and judging by the flamer template they have gone back to that simpler mechanic too.

Only bad news? I can't afford the game:( A hundred bucks is not cheap, and unfortunately, after buying multiple sets back in '89, I don't think I can buy a new one:(

Still, great to see an old face return... albeit with a touch of botox!

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