Thursday, August 13, 2009

The Workbench

Hey all!

Well, I finished up another unit of 25mm ACW Federals, making the current count a massive two!

It would have been 3 if not for craptastic Games Workshop varnish, but we won't dwell on that... lest my skin turn green and I pop out of my purple pants.

Hm. That sounded terrible.

Anyway... here are my ACW Federals, along with their brigade commander, who I think turned out quite nice!

I also included a shot of the dead, who are spread among the units and include a few conversions.

Good stuff!


Kasper said...

Hello, just wanted to say that they do indeed look terrific - especially the banenrs are well done.
Thanks for blogging and showing us your work.
Best regards,

Donogh said...

I'll echo what Kasper says.
Banner look great.
Love the casualty stands as well.
Glad to see you got back on the horse after the...incident

Gunfreak said...

I think you have realy hit the nail on the head, with these guys, perfect color choices ect.

jmezz382 said...

Get level with the table and they make you flinch thinking of charge !

Great work !

mad padre said...

They look good - I agree with what Kasper said about the flags.

Love the fellow with the carrot-coloured red beard, too.

What make are they?

Glad to see you're not bitter about that GW varnish. :)

Author said...

Hey guys!

First and foremost, thanks so much for the kind comments!

I cannot take any credit for the flags, unfortunately... they were provided by Rick "The Flag Dude" O'Brien... you can find a link to his website to the left among my links. His flags are VERY reasonably priced (five or so bucks apiece) and MAN they make such a difference:)

As for the make, they are Sash and Saber, which are just beautiful figures.

And yes, no bitterness towards GW, I swear...

*sharpens a large knife*

Anyway... thanks for stopping by and for the very kind comments, makes it all worthwhile!:D

James said...

Nice work Ashram.

I thought you said you were a beginner ? :)