Sunday, August 23, 2009

Some photos of ACW, Napoleonics and WWII Germans...

Hey all! Just thought I would throw some photos up... I was recently lent a super nice camera by my father-in-law, and am now familiar enough with it to take a few decent photos. So; here are three!

First up, the shot of a 15mm German 88 position at the top. The trench was made by a buddy of mine to fit two guns. It is a pretty cool little piece, and when it is correctly flocked into the table it looks pretty sharp.

Next up is a shelf shot of my OLD school 15mm ACW figures. I painted these many, many, many years ago when I was a kid... they are mainly Stone Mountain and somewhat craptastic, but whatever, a nice dense group of troops is always fun to look at, even if they are pretty poorly painted.

Next, here is the command of my 25mm Napoleonic French army! Obviously I have shot them before, but...

Then finally, to finish off the ACW photos, here are two shots of the beginning of my 25mm ACW collection... two units and a brigade commander isn't much to look at, but it is a start, and I must say, these guys paint up pretty quick. If only Games Workshop varnish wasn't such rubbish it would be three units...

So... now I am wondering if I should go back and rephotograph all of my soldiers! I probably won't because it would be an AWFUL lot of work... for now, I am off to paint a bit... I have some 25mm Napoleonic Austrians who are all undercoated and ready to go!


James said...

I'd say your "old schoolers" are respectable. Also, looks like you've got the 3rd NJ Vols. in your 28mm's. Nice work !


Author said...

I do indeed have the 3rd NJ... I just hope that I have the uniform right! :)

But yeah, I have TONS of the old school guys... enough for maybe a cabinet full... I have some photos of them here:

and here:

But I didn't put them all out... there is such a thing as "too many men on the table," especially with only 4 x 6.5 to work with:(

Anyway... thanks for coming by and especially for the kind words!!