Wednesday, August 5, 2009

The Workbench

Hey all!

Well, slowly but surely I'll start getting posts up again on the blog... I was out of town and busy for a while, and have started work on a new computer project, so these take up some time. However, while I was out of town I managed to finish up a new unit of 25mm Federal Infantry. Man the dip makes them SHINY! They are currently sitting and drying after being varnished, and I can only hope and pray (I did spray a test figure and he was fine) that my move to Testors Dullcoat will help my spray problem:(


Curtis Lithgow said...

I've been a Testors Dullcoat advocate for years. Now, I don't know which dip you're using - but I've found that the brand ArmyPainter dull coat works extrememly well on removing the shine from the ArmyPainter dip.

jmilesr said...

I'm new to the "Dip" process and have been using the army painter medium tone with so-so results. What are you using for your "dip"

You can see my initial results on my blog’s.html

I really enjoy your website

Author said...

I am using Army Painter quickshade for my dip... it is fairly good, although I find that I wish I could have the lighter dip for their pants and the darker shade for the jackets... I am sure I could do that if I took the time, but I don't feel like doing it:)

I am using Testors and so far, so good! I'll post some "after" shots tomorrow!:)

Anonymous said...

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